Le M-C-B,

MOUVANCE CENTRALE BEWEGING, (APOLITICAL), AS THE ONLY POLITICALLY NEUTRAL EUROPEAN ORGANISATION, we fight and campaign since a long time for a drastic evolution of the obsolete 20th century democracy and we will resolutely, in a gentle way, powerfully and irreversibly rebuild it.

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Our extraordinarily tuned, innovative and evolutionary system, is perfectly capable to set up this new democracy of the 21st century.

Your democratic Mouvance Centrale Beweging of the 21st century.

Now that we own and perfectly master this process, we only need to reinforce us, together !

With respect for everyone M-C-B ( Mouvance Centrale Beweging ) gives everyone the possibilities to express themselves, to be heard and to become true decision makers concerning core questions and decisions that concern us all.

It’s the irreversible movement of a skilled and powerful transition of our current obsolete democracies.

M-C-B, the movement of the irreversible and infallible progress of our current systems !

M-C-B, is a profound change, respectful of and for everyone by means of a certain, simple, universal and irreversible process.

You, we, ALL  together, let’s permanently implement the Democratic Movement of the 21st century.


YOU are our STRENGTH, for the real change !