Terms of Use

To complete the current request for membership of M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging :

  • I declare to adhere to activities undertaken by M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging, to the values of a democratic movement upon which the activities of
    M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging are based. We see our democratic movement as the basis for the human as a person, his dignity, equal rights and chances for everyone. M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging advocates the respect for the fundamental freedoms, responsibility, social solidarity, decent labour, freedom of enterprise and creation for everyone, the values for a free choice of lifestyle, including the freedom of thought, expression, tolerance and the right to be different/unique by letting civilians actively participate in the process of making political decisions.
  • I declare to receive all information and invitations of M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging on my personal email address.
    By adhering to M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging, you accept that your personal data is used internally, for informational purposes or for communication by the movement.
  • In addition, I declare to adhere explicitely and unequivocally to all principles as mentioned in the universal declaration of Human rights, also including the principles of the law of Juli 30, 1981, that prosecutes any activity inspired by racism or xenophobia, and I declare in no way to support people, movements, formations and political parties whose ideology and/or program is completely the opposite of the principles and values held by M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging.
  • I declare to comply completely with the General Terms and Conditions issued by M-C-B  Mouvance Centrale Beweging.

For your information, the amount of the yearly contributions is fixed for everyone and is tacitly renewable every year.
In 2018 the amount of the contribution is set to 8 euros per membership.